Gavin's Mobile Phone Programs

These mobile programs can either be viewed in the mobile emulator on this website, or they can be downloaded to your mobile via cable, infrared or BlueTooth. Note that you cannot download these mobile programs directly from this website to your mobile phone as this web server does not have the correct MIME types to allow for this. Alternatively you can download the JAD and JAR files for a mobile program to your computer, upload them to, and then use your mobile's WAP capability to visit and download the files to your mobile. Note that MobStorage only allows one file to be uploaded at a time, and most mobiles will work just fine if you only download the JAR file. A few mobiles require both the JAD and JAR files.

The Mobile Emulators

The first mobile emulator used on this website is MicroEmulator, an OpenSource J2ME (Java 2 Micro Edition) device emulator written in Java.
It is licenced under the GNU Lesser General Public Licence.

The second mobile emulator used on this website is MPowerPlayer.
MPowerPlayer is a more sophisticated emulator than MicroEmulator, but it also takes much longer to startup.

*** NOTE: Mobile programs run much faster on the emulators than on a real phone ***

Mobile Programs that work in MicroEmulator

GfxTwoTriangles, two triangles filling the screen. JAD JAR (3 KB). MPowerPlayer
Text, a text reader. JAD JAR (6 KB). MPowerPlayer
Tiles, a Doom RPG game. JAD JAR (50 KB). MPowerPlayer
Mandelbrot, zoom into the Mandelbrot Fractal. JAD JAR (6 KB). MPowerPlayer

Mobile Programs that do not work in MicroEmulator

GfxTextureMapped, a rotating, texture-mapped cube (the texture-mapping is buggy). JAD JAR (8 KB). MPowerPlayer
Primes, searches for prime numbers. JAD JAR (2 KB). MPowerPlayer